The Brazilian Association of Research Companies needed to increase the digital visibility of the event 6th Brazilian Congress of Research and to attract new subscribers.

Without a history of actions and online presence, ABEP had only 30 days to grow the audience of participants and leverage the visibility of the speakers on the web.

A plan of action was outlined to generate flow and attract new subscribers until the day of the event. An informed strategy in creating and managing profiles on Facebook and LinkedIn was put into practice next to relevant content inserts.

To attract visitors to the congress hotsite, an e-book about the research market was offered to fans of pages on social channels.

There has been approaching with the Means & Message, which became the official vehicle of the congress. The press office team worked with exclusive tariffs before, during and after the event.

After only 20 days of digital action, the profiles on social networks gained prominence. The e-books were distributed to more than 60 people and 40 journalists have been registered for the congress.

Tamer also won unique guidelines for the Mean & Message and insertions of news stories in influential vehicles throughout the country, such as the Exame Portal, Globo Radio, IstoÉ, etc.

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