A customer of Tamer’s for 11 years now, the National Association of Credit Institutions has been news in the country’s leading media outlets. It has granted a live interview for Gazeta TV; gained prominence on Jornal Nacional – the most watched television newscast and with greater recognition in Brazil – news stories; and has scored front page in O Globo newspaper. It is now a benchmark in the industry.

In addition, Tamer created and implemented the concept of 360° communication in the Entity, which now has several communication channels, such as digital media, a corporative magazine with a circulation of 12,000 copies, a web TV (ACREFI TV), a web radio (ACREFI Radio), the Blog “Finance on the Scale”, a monthly webinar (online lecture) and a major annual international seminar, including Nobel Prize in Economics speakers.

With a plan of integrated communication channels, perfectly conversing with each other, ACREFI gained a strong appreciation in the media, repositioning itself as Association, expanding the visibility of its brand and making its leaders sources in the specialized press.


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