In 2004, ESPM had the need to increase the exposure of their postgraduate courses in media and expand its scope in the Business area.
Tamer then built a strategic plan for the press, which sought to consolidate the ESPM’s presence in Management, Business, Personnel, and Communications.
The “Press in School” program under the theme “Strategic Marketing and Globalized Business Environment” was a great idea: the first edition of the course brought together 35 professionals from the mainstream press vehicles.
The action, free and exclusively dedicated to journalists, strongly contributed to the inclusion of professors as sources and there was even a waiting list for the second group of students.
Tamer also served in the relationship between the country’s main media and ESPM’s presidency.
The plan was a winner. The volume of news involving the school was expressive, coming out of 20 exhibitions per month to about 700 exposures per month and directly reaching the target audience of graduate and MBA programs.

This nine-year partnership resulted in 2013, winning the award “Companies that best communicate with journalists,” from the Business Communications Magazine.

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