With a focus on expanding the company’s visibility in the market, Tamer developed a 360° communications plan aimed at the production of unique and relevant content to reach the desired target audience.

With a strong presence in the technology area – as a provider of Contact Center solutions – G4 Solutions sought higher reputation among opinion leaders.

Tamer then reformulated the organization’s market positioning, adding innovation and creativity to its DNA, showing that the brand is a pioneer in launching trends in its industry.

For the 360° communications, market surveys, digital marketing actions, brand-boosting viral campaigns and strategic events were developed.

The viral campaign was produced in partnership with Fábio Porchat showing the pros and cons of a contact center. The action had major repercussions, was published in the country’s largest information portals, has scored more than 70,000 views on YouTube and directly reflected in the increase of the company’s followers on Facebook.

The CONAREC (National Congress of Company-Customer Relations) event, published in real time on social networks, contributed to the increase of G4’s visibility in the market. This set of actions raised G4 to the first positions in organic search results on Google.

Through its strategic plan, Tamer reached the company’s goals and positively impacted its business.

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