Not being prepared when it you need a crisis management can bring harm to your business. The Tamer helps your business when you need it most, doing preventive work risk management so that a positive image is kept even in the most delicate situations.

Company executives are trained to know how to perform their duties in the moments before, during and after crises. The speeches and contingency plans are aligned to ensure balance in turmoil occasions.

The crisis management plan is developed based on customized methodology for each brand and need. After tracing the scenario and diagnosing the risks of the sector, a senior and multidisciplinary team traces the milestones in: media relations, clarification of publications, communications and monitoring of social networks and training spokespersons.

In addition to a brand’s reputation in a time of crisis, the financial results may also be affected due to reduction in sales, loss of value, damage compensations or fines.

These can be some of the consequences for a company that does not work with the management of processes that adversity can bring. And it is at this point that communication is a key to look after the interests of the company and lead it to normal.

With differentiated and tailored messages for each vehicle and public, Tamer is always ready to defend his company.

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