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With nearly three billion connected users, social networks gained strength and voice in the digital environment. Unlike other means of communication, social networking sites are relationship channels that allow various forms of interaction with users – they enable the contact of a brand with its target audience in a relaxed and immediate way.

Currently, the number of accesses to social networks now exceeds the number of access to personal e-mails. Connecting to a social network is the fourth most popular online activity and responsible for the democratization of communication.

Social media are based on social interactions generated by way of text content, images, videos, photos and music.

To stand out in such a competitive universe (online), it is necessary to attract the target audience closer to your company’s social profile. Relevant content, disclosed in a segmented and intelligent way generate qualified commitments and make the image of your brand to be shared in a positive way.

Tamer works with customized social channels, from the client’s needs, whether B2B or B2C – both for lead-generation and to build your brand on the 2.0 web.

With strategies in virtual communities, you can chat directly with your customer, generating positive interaction and creating unique communication channels for your company.

The goal is to put your company in direct contact with your target audience, through the construction of previously identified communities of interest.

For this, Tamer has a dynamic team that is always connected, seeking news in real time.

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